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We use AI and Content Automation to help companies achieve incredible marketing results through Digital Video

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See how

Video converts 800% better than static media.
If your pictures are worth a thousand words,
why not add a zero?

Video is Power

Are you getting the most out of your existing video assets? How do you re-purpose assets?

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How Findie converts Brand followers into Customers

L'Oréal wanted to deploy a branded, beauty-centric video system that uses AI-generated dynamic video thumbnails and content personalisation and Findie was by far the best solution in the market.

- Paul Michaux, Former Digital Strategist at L'Oréal

Who do we work with?

We power video platforms for these world class companies.

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Paul Robert Cary

CEO & Co-founder

Built and led entrepreneurial customer experience teams in Global 1000 companies

MBA from Columbia University and London Business School

Over $20 million in Enterprise and SME sales of products, services and software

Radu-Sebastian Amarie

CTO & Co-founder

Mathematician and Computer Scientist specialising in Machine Learning and architecture scalability

Researcher in Generative Adversarial Neural Networks

Built a recommendations-based online book club with 30,000 (now 50k) paying users

Scott Cohen

Investor and Advisor

Founder of The Orchard, the world’s leading distributor of digital music and digital video, acquired by Sony in 2016

Advises Findie in business strategy and product vision

First investor in Findie in 2015

We're hiring!

The team is expanding and we're looking for interesting people that share our passion for tech.

Here are our available positions:

Front-end Engineer

  • ✔ Advanced JavaScript and React.js knowledge
  • ✔ Advanced CSS3 knowledge (Flexbox)
  • ✔ Knowledge with ES6 and Classes
  • ✔ Knows what a Flux Architecture is

Back-end Engineer

  • ✔ Advanced JavaScript and Node.js knowledge
  • ✔ Knowledge of the Hapi framework and ecosystem (Joi, Catbox)
  • ✔ Knowledge of Redis
  • ✔ Knowledge of MongoDB

Mobile Engineer

  • ✔ React Native experience
  • ✔ IOS/Android Native Development
  • ✔ Strong JavaScript experience is required
  • ✔ Develop, prototype, and test new ideas


  • ✔ Advanced Linux knowledge
  • ✔ Writing scaling scripts is his dream job
  • ✔ OpenStack/Netdata knowledge a plus
  • ✔ Ansible/Capistrano/Salt/Puppet a plus